Dear Peter
"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the lovely service today. It will go a long way to making the next little while easier for us all.
Thanks for your time and effort."

Sample of Thank You cards received
Sample of Thank You cards received

Dear Peter
"I can't say how much I appreciate what you did. The poem was lovely, and the whole occasion was exactly what Mum would have wanted. You've received many compliments from friends who were present."

"Thank you again for such a splendid presentation, so well balanced between sadness and celebration."

Hi Peter,
"Thank you again for the excellent words you said on Friday, I could have not wished it to go any better than it did. So many people have come up to me asking if you are a friend as it was such a personal delivery, I could not think of a better compliment to be paid to yourself; absolutely excellent.
Thanks again for all your help with the day; it surpassed my expectations if anything. I must also mention & thank you for your suggestion of setting off the fireworks, that has really been the talking point and again everyone has said what a great idea.
Thanks again for all your help, as I said; the day could not have gone any better than it did."
Best regards,

Sample of Thank You cards received

Sample of Thank You cards received

Dear Peter
"I wanted to write and thank you for your amazing service on Friday.
Losing a baby is the hardest thing anyone will go through and trying to express this leave you at such a loss. When we were introduced to you we felt such relief that you could put into words what we were feeling. Sebastian’s funeral was the most beautiful heartfelt service I have ever attended and I would like to thank you for giving me beautiful memories of saying goodbye to our son.
You are an amazing man & I feel very blessed you came into our lives on our darkest days."
S and L

Hello Peter,
This is Henry’s mum . We got the copy of the Funeral Service Times you sent to us today. Thank you so very much, The article you wrote was stunning and very moving and brought a lot of joy to us today. It was so very kind of you to send it on to us. What a wonderful , kind and loving man you are . We as a family are doing well and are as strong as ever and Henry as always in our hearts and mind and keeping us smiling.
May I just say how kind you have been to us is amazing and it will never be forgotten.
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person.
With kindness and Love
D. x